Repairing Dents, Door Dings and Hail Damage with Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

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Vale Certified

Vale PDR Technician Certification Program tests and evaluates dent technician’s skill using computerized light imaging technology for evaluations. Technicians can demonstrate their competence by testing for one of three levels of certification which include Journeyman, Craftsman or Master Craftsman, with “Master Craftsman” being the most elite (and by far the most difficult to pass).

The certification evaluations are structured as a timed event with technicians completing repairs on steel as well as aluminum panels of various dent size depending on level of certification sought. Results are evaluated using surface measurement technology to a specified tolerance. Surface level variation, as well a finish appearance and texture, are both electronically measured and visually evaluated.

Vale is the only true certification for PDR recognized by insurance companies, body shops, and technicians alike.

Some PDR companies advertise “certified technicians” when in reality the certification is from a PDR training school that sells tools. These certifications are NOT recognized by the insurance industry. Vale is the only unbiased third party organization in the world with PDR certification program. If it doesn’t say “VALE CERTIFIED”, they aren’t certified.