Repairing Dents, Door Dings and Hail Damage with Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

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What our Customers are saying

Nolan Fisher

"I could not be more pleased with the job Rick did on my Yamaha RD 350 fuel tank! I brought it in with many dents some sharp creases as well and the tank looks absolutely flawless now. Rick does an amazing job and helped fix a tank that I could not have done on my own! Would recommend him to anyone wanting a job done right!"


I am ecstatic over the work that Rick at Dentec did on my car. I own a 2011 SHO and Rick made the vehicle look BRAND NEW. Did an absolute wonderful job. The hail was minimal in some spots, but he was able to fix each and every spot. I also had a small rattle in the vehicle that rick was able to fix up right away. I commuted down to Lethbridge from Calgary and it was very much so worth the drive.

Easy, and the best work I have seen done. Nice to see a Honest and great quality business from Lethbridge. Thank you,


I can’t say enough about what a true professional Rick is! We were the victims of two hailstorms in 2013, my pickup and my wife’s SUV got dinged up pretty good with dents on nearly every panel. Rick met with me and talked through my options and listened to my concerns. I wish all companies were like this and all business owners were like Rick. You would never know looking at them now that either vehicle had been in a hail storm, the results are amazing! If you’re considering paintless dent repair I would highly recommend Dentec.

Doug Paisley

Rick, I just wanted to send you a note to say thanks again for the great job you did repairing the damage I did to the tailgate of my ford explorer. I know you were a little apprehensive taking on the job because of the extent of the damage and where it was located but it looks fantastic and thanks for fixing the other dents on the driver’s side as well.

If you ever need a referral or a testimonial for a customer regarding my experience with paintless dent repair by Dentec, feel free to give me a call. Much appreciated!

Laine GomanyGM., She Boutique Inc.

Thanks Rick for the fantastic job you did on my 2009 Chrysler 300 that had lots of hail damage. I did not think it was possible to repair but you came through with flying colors and I could not be happier.

I will not think twice taking my vehicles to your business in the future.

Thanks agiain Dentec for your excellent service and professionalism.

Mitch and Deb

Just wanted to thank you once again on the incredible work you did on our Mustang.
You exceeded our expectations on what the end result would be....
Without our photos of where the dent was, you would never know there was a need for repair.
Our car looks as good as factory new..... You will be highly recommended to our family and friends for the great service you provide....
Ric, you are worth every penny!!!!!


I have had work done at Dentec in the past so I went back again. I have a 1964 Ford Falcon convertible that silly me I closed the trunk and it being too full I pushed two dents up through it . It has a real nice paint job with lots of clear coat on it and again Rick was able to fix it like it never happened which saved me a lot of money. My car is dent free again so thank you very much Rick at Dentec.

Norm StruthNew Car Manager, McDonald Nissan

Thanks Rick for the great job you did on my black car! Just like new! I’ve worked with Rick for years, both for company vehicles as well as personal vehicles and the results are always very good. Rick discusses each job with you to determine time needed and price. Small door dings or large hail damage, Rick does a great job!


I am very happy with the work that Rick at Dentec did for me. I have a 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 that got some bad hail damage, the hood is aluminum and there was lots of dents in it. To be amazed Dentec got every dent out--you could not even tell thet there was any damage at all. Thank you Rick.

Kevin VisoskyCalgary AB

I had Rick take care of a difficult dent in my rear drivers door - a punk had got into a secure parkade in my condo in Calgary and vandalized many vehicles for reasons only known to himself.
Rick completed an exceptional repair - it is flawless and was completed in a reasonable amount of time for a reasonable rate.
I will not hesitate to use Ricks services and recommend Dentec to anyone, as the workmanship is second to none in my view.

About Us

I’d like to thank you for visiting my website.

By nature I’m very particular about my vehicle and it bothers me when it gets dented. My desire to have my vehicle looking good is mirrored in all my repairs. No doubt your viewing this website because you are the recipient of a bothersome dent.

Did these thoughts come to mind with your newly dented vehicle?

  • “WHAT THE #%@& ?”
  • “How did that happen?
  • “That wasn’t there before!
  • “I even parked a mile away!”

Personally I can relate to this situation, a victim myself of that ominous dent in my vehicle. Not only frustrated with the dent, the body shop tells me in order to repair the dent the panel needs to be filled, sanded and painted costing me thousands. Then someone mentioned to try PDR (paintless dent repair). To my surprise the estimate was substantially less and the original paint finish would not be compromised. Somewhat apprehensive about PDR, I proceeded with the repair. After the repair was completed I was amazed that the dent was gone and that the paint was not disturbed. What a remarkable process!

I was intrigued by the craft and subsequently my quest to become a PDR technician began. With over 20 years experience in the automotive repair industry, multiple advanced PDR training courses plus Vale Certification as an R&I Specialist and Master Craftsman level 2 for PDR, Dentec has repaired thousands of vehicles earning the confidence of customers from Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. With this status, other local shops encountering difficult repairs have referred their customers to Dentec. Dentec is locally owned and operated and is the longest serving independent paintless dent repair business in Lethbridge. Since 2004, Dentec has established a reputation as the preferred choice for quality dent repair services. I take pride in 100% customer satisfaction. Since my name and reputation reflects on every job I do, each repair is treated like a work of art. I am committed to taking the time necessary to do quality work on your vehicle while still offering value, convenience and environmentally friendly service.



Unlike most other companies, Dentec Automotive Dent Repair abides by a strict NO HOLE DRILLING POLICY, and that all of the repairs are covered by our full warranty and our assurance that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

This warranty applies to the panel on your vehicle which was repaired by Dentec Automotive Dent Repair. It covers your vehicle under your ownership during the warranty period. The warranty only applies to the AREA of the panel which has been repaired by Dentec Automotive Dent Repair. AREA is defined as the portion of your panel, which was dented and subsequently repaired by Dentec Automotive Dent Repair, and only that specific portion of the affected panel.

The warranty period corresponds exactly to the warranty period provided by the manufacturer of a vehicle for coverage of defects in paint finish. That is, Dentec Automotive Dent Repair warrants that its work will not compromise the finish of the sheet metal panels on a vehicle for the tenure of a lease or ownership of a vehicle. In the event of a sale or lease termination of a vehicle, the date of said sale or lease termination is the date the warranty period expires.

Coverage Exclusions

In general, for cases in which your vehicle’s manufacturer excludes warranty coverage. Some of these exclusions on the repaired AREA include, but are not limited to:

  1. Damage caused by objects striking the panel
  2. Damage caused by a collision with another vehicle.
  3. Any alteration of your vehicle’s affected body panel such as: repainting, use of cleaners or solvents which your manufacturer does not recommend, or modification for any reason.
  4. Damage caused by airborne chemicals, stones, hail, tree sap, bird droppings, etc.
  5. Damage caused by flood or fire.